First Anniversary Blog! Astrology, Neal’s Yard Remedies and Other Ideas!


It’s been a YEAR of blogging and time to REVIEW my direction!

In July 2014 I wrote…

“The main reasons I’m doing this are:

  • To make me pull my finger out and teach myself more about planets and progressions.
  • To write, because I love writing.
  • To compile everything that I have learnt and observed that is currently in my head and put it in one place.
  • To get some feedback from people who know more than me.”

And now….

  • I’m studying at the London School of Astrology and have learnt SO much about planets and a tiny bit about progressions.  It’s amazing “you don’t know, what you don’t know.” I thought I was crazy about astrology but knew nothing compared to what I know now… ahh live and learn!
  • I do love writing but I’ve not written as much as I should have.  Though I was still afraid, cautious, limited and reluctant in my sharing.  It’s tricky putting yourself out there as a mad witch.
  • I am DELIGHTED that I wrote what I thought and knew because I like to see how everything I had taught myself made sense but how it slots into the bigger picture.
  • FEEDBACK – little. Very little for now.

Why I want to do this now….

  • To make people more aware of astrology and how deeply it connects to us all.
  • To blend my love of all things Neal’s Yard / natural with astrology.  I went on a mega course in May about Medical Astrology which was ace and highlighted things I had noticed. Such as my Virgo pals all having eczema and allergies and Gemini’s being prone to depression, Sagittarius being clumsy etc… When you have enough friends that are born around the same time and a good 70%  of them exhibit certain traits, then you see the pattern.  Medical astrology confirmed what I knew and then suggests some ways to deal with these problems.  Also this study by Columbia University that states the month of your birth DOES affect your health only underlined what I had already observed.  The illnesses and ailments they cite correlate with what astrologers understand as relevant weaknesses.


  • THAT IS NOT TO SAY that lotions and potions can replace modern medicine. NOT EVEN SLIGHTLY. However, there is a place for both; Doctors can only help so far with insomnia, depression, bad skin, IBS… etc… conditions that start with the brain and are exacerbated by the environment.  Tablets and counselling are invaluable, however, tackling the cause, looking at the individual, understanding their needs, eliminating chemicals and all their side-effects is BENEFICIAL… and from what I have seen, astrology speeds up the process of understanding and improving someone’s weak spots and can help people find their purpose and direction, thus anchoring themselves.
  • So… I am writing to continue to blend what I learn.  I aim to be someone who can help people find peace of mind.  I would like to think I’ll know more about nutrition and perhaps learn how to be a masseuse as I’ve a talent for massage and think it’s powerful in helping people to LET GO of all the stress they are keeping inside!  I would be a yoga teacher if I wasn’t still inept!!
  • I am to blend two worlds.  Just as I studied Bio Chemistry, Philosophy and Theology at University.  I want to combine conventional science and philosophical thinking (Just like my best pal Aristotle)… I always wanted to use my ability to be both scientific and artistic and this is how I will do it! When I first learnt about Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics I thought, this guy is great, he really knew what he was talking about.  I read more and selected all my modules at uni to expose myself to more of his teachings and enable myself to write a dissertation based on his work.  When I lived in Rome and was a tour guide at the Vatican, the Raphael rooms were my favorite because I could waffle on about Plato and Aristotle when I discussed The School of Athens

plato and aristotle

The Ancient Greeks and Romans… and the Renaissance Italians (the legends who painted, studied and valued the genius of the Ancients… were frequently into astrology.) These were wise, intellectual and learned men and so all my previous education melts into this offshoot nicely.  I need to learn more about what they thought, particularly as the meanings of the planets are described by Greek and Roman mythology.  My next blog post on Jupiter (Zeus  – the Greek version) will explain that more…

I must learn to keep my blog posts short and snappy!

My OTHER goals for this blog have changed and they will change again but for now:

  • Turn this into a website with basic Frank versions of the signs.
  • Learn about areas that will enable me to help people (CBT, massage, nutrition, meditation, yoga, Neal’s Yard products, aromatherapy.) Relaxation and natural ways to access problem areas that can be revealed in the chart, LET GO and be happy!
  • Educate people about the astrology basics so they can understand simple readings more easily.
  • Laugh at the madness of it all!

This is just the beginning and it’s very exciting!

Thanks again,


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Star Sign Careers

One piece of homework I did last year was to think of each sign and to then suggest their ideal job role.  I spent AGES thinking about it and only recently had my work marked – so now I know I can share it with you!

I got some other homework back recently with a comment in the margin about my understanding of the sign Cancer.  Unfortunately,  it’s nearly impossible to be totally clear in the qualities of each sign as we see everything through our own filter.  Luckily I’m rising Gemini with Mars in Aquarius so my action, seeing and doing is all quite detached and rational.  However, I do see Cancer through the eyes of a Sagittarius.  I see emotion, need and attachment and what I missed is their need to BELONG.   So, that’s something for all independent types to remember!  Some people long to belong somewhere, we are not all born to ROAM FREE!

When looking at your career path you need to consider your star sign (your sun sign) your rising sign and what is on your mid-haven.  These three tell you lots about the way you like to work and what job would suit you.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Aries – Entrepreneur. 

Aries are brilliant entrepreneurs, they get things moving.  They have absolute belief in themselves and their idea which enables them to pitch for funding, hire great staff and put the best foot forward.  Resilience, swift action, an ability to innovate and high energy puts them in a good position for success.

Taurus – An ideal landscape gardener

They love beauty, are practical, earthy and love nature.  They work hard, they are reliable, solid, driven to earn money and like to work at their own pace.  Appreciating nature and taking lunch breaks in the open air.  They also love to make gardens and summer houses that are beautiful, lasting and durable.

Gemini – A perfect front of house / office manager

This person is intelligent, capable and articulate. They can ensure the office runs smoothly, that everyone is informed and welcomed the same way they will be interested and remember qualities about everyone in the office.   They can multitask effectively, ensure memos are circulated and ensure fantastic communications.

Cancer- Nursery Nurse

A Cancer would be a great nursery nurse, they nurture young children, really care, are imaginative and creative, making the children feel safe, loved and happy.  As they value family and history, they will also connect well with the parents of the children discussing the little ones with genuine relish and commitment.

Leo – Managing Director

A Leo is great at building a business, bringing people together, and forming a strong force… for delegation.  They will have no problem empowering others to work well on their behalf and reward them generously for their efforts.  Their energy and charisma will ensure workers grow and thrive and so a business will grow as will their ego and pride.  They love to be the boss!

Virgo – PA

Attention to detail, good working attitude, precise, aware and discerning.  The PA gets on quietly, with a lack of ego, happily organising and improving the wild acts and chaos of the MA / entrepreneur.  The Virgo PA is efficient, reliable and obliging; the perfect PA.

Libra – PR

Libran’s are excellent at PR they can impress clients, build relationships with them and then communicate a beautiful portrayal of their business.  They will ensure that brands represent themselves in a way that is pleasing to the eye and that their message will be well received.

Scorpio – Detective

The scorpion detective is excellent at being subtle, secretive and discreet.  They notice everything, have stamina and persevere to find what they need to know.  They are tenacious and do not give up until they either confirm or deny their suspicions.  They love to undercover details.

Sagittarius – Sales Rep

Sagittarians need freedom to thrive.  Restrictive office environments will be too contained for a clumsily spoken individual. Their energy and thirst for life needs to be shared, sales makes perfect sense.  Positivity, enthusiasm, a massage that needs to be taught/ communicated will be delivered by an honest individual and products and ideas will be sold. 

Capricorn – Accountant

The stereotypical accountant is almost synonymous with Capricorn.  Boring, reliable, fixed, dry, sober and reserved.  Excellent professionals who work hard and qualify in serious trade.  With age, they climb the career ladder and get more authority, and relax as they relish their achievements and success.  They will be happy when they are in charge!

Aquarius – Web Builder

Aquarius loves to use their forward thinking intellect to create new methods of working.  Creating apps and building websites enables them to use their quick mind and work independently.  Giving them freedom to work in bursts when creativity and inspiration strike!

Pisces – Artist

Pisces can use images, colours and ideas to convey things to the world that they may not be able to articulate.  Pisces absorb what is around them and are so quiet and gentle that they do not make themselves heard.  Eventually their inner world and interpretations are expressed with art.

Don’t take this too literally you can be whatever you want to be but there is truth in lots of these features.  I’m a Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn combination.  Therefore communication, travel, writing, learning, but also building something and being in charge are all things I love.  You will never catch me doing detailed admin or having a reliable 9-5 job. So if you are unsure of what you want to do, this can be a good place to sit down and think about what you would like to do!  ULTIMATELY, your SUN is your destiny… your true happiness comes from living out it’s natural state.  However, the chart will reveal other clues about what you want to do and how you find purpose.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Frank x

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I have a new website!

Hi lovely followers!  Please go to to find my new website!

Thank you 🙂

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Life-story (About Me) – A very long version of what’s on the website

“Astrology? Do you mean astronomy or like, astrology like Mystic Meg?”
“Yup! Astrology, I’m the next Mystic Meg!”

It’s usually an interesting reaction when I tell people what I’m in to.

“So do you believe it then?”

“YES!” Yes I do…

“When did you get into it?”

The answer to that is I always have been.

I remember the first time I found out I was a Sagittarius, I was about 4 or 5 and someone had given Mum a porcelain crib with my birth details on, a Christening gift or something. I suddenly became FASTCINATED with it. Turning the little white crib round in my hands, looking at it from all angles… s a g i t t a r i u s it felt familiar. It felt like remembering! I can see myself standing there, fascinated, perplexed and hungry to know more about what it meant.

Later, I remember at school in Year 2 sitting in the classroom looking around and knowing that the girls I sat next to were much more similar to me than the girls born in April who sat next to each other. I was only friends with the two girls, one born 25.11.84 and another 10.10.84. The other 7 girls were born in 1985 and were just not as quick. However, age 6/7 that’s normal as we had a relatively big head start… but still, our personalities were distinctly different to theirs.

Later, I was 15 when I bought my first book and poured over it. AMAZED that it could say so much about people… I didn’t know enough about myself, or anyone else to be able to comprehend it fully. So many of my friends were Virgos and I couldn’t see how they were all similar to one another.

My late teens and early 20s involved some soul searching, thinking, reading and learning. I gained a degree in Natural Sciences; Biology, Philosophy and Theology. I moved to Italy for a couple of years, learnt the language and worked in Rome at The Vatican as a Tour Guide. It was eye-opening and magnificent exposure to people from all over the world. Whilst I lived in Italia the concept of l’ascendente; the astrological Rising Sign was presented to me and that was IT. In 2008 astrological obsession struck the core of me and it has never shifted.

Since then I have asked 99% of people I’ve met when their birthday is and 95% of people their time of birth. Luckily for me, people tell me and let me dig around, totally unaware of what I’m discovering whilst I excavate.

Again, luckily, I remember EVERTHING. Not everything, I rarely know where my phone is. However, numbers, dates, times… I remember everything. Always have, hopefully always will. My memory baffles people, “how do you remember that… WHY do you remember that?” I don’t know and when I was younger people always used to say to me, “you have to find a job that requires the use your memory.” True, I did… but what the hell was I going to do with my fantastic memory (other than be a Tour Guide!?) I spent my 20s FRANtically SEARCHING high and low for my career… I wanted to be passionate about my job; I wanted to help people, to work hard, to use my brain, not just use my friendly ability to sell stuff. BUT WHAT? It wasn’t until 2014 that I considered being an astrologer. RATHER STUPID seeing as I’ve been obsessed for years, but sometimes we don’t see what is staring us in the face!

Also, I just didn’t think I was that strange. I didn’t identify with Mystic Meg.

I now fully embrace my strangeness but I also maintain my standard English gal-ness. I don’t have to be massively unusual and ethereal, I can be me. There is a stereotype to destroy. I’ll happily take on that challenge.

I’ve met some amazing people on my Astro journey and I’m hoping to meet many, many more. There are role models out there, just not on t’telly.

Astrology is REVELATORY, it’s totally f***ing amazing. If I’d seen an astrologer many years ago, they might have told me to consider being an astrologer ages ago; it’s very clear in my chart! (Sun conjunct Uranus in the 7th, Venus and Jupter in the 8th, Mars sextile Uranus in the 9th, Moon in the 12th) Then again, so is Pet Insurance! (Pluto in the 6th, Venus and Jupter in the 8th.) Either way, success ABROAD is indicated.

I’ve gone off-piste there, but for the fellow astrologers they can see what I’m on about and for everyone else you’ll believe me when I say my aim is to DE-MYSTIFY. I want to be so accessible and straightforward in my explanations that you get it. I remember when I first started speaking Italian; I would talk to my English friends and family in Italian because it came into my head first and made so much sense to me. Naturally, they didn’t get it. I have the same tendency to talk in planets instead of translating what they mean. That must change!

I think this is a long enough intro!

Except to say… how does it work? I don’t know yet, but I’m coming up with some ideas and am working on them. It’s most certainly a science, I’ve heard it referred to as an “intuitive science” and that makes sense, understand the structure, and interpret it with feeling. Healing sciences should be intuitive to a certain extent, but it’s not so easy to regulate. Medicine certainly requires a level of UNDERSTANDING the patient and the CAUSE of the illness as opposed to just scientifically prescribing medicines to treat the cause. We need BOTH science and feeling for progress. Without inspiration and discovery, there would be no science. The two modes of thinking go hand in hand, but we are inclined to think of them as separate.

Stick with me for astrology, some natural health hints, how astrology relates to the way we feel, look and behave, some info on products I love and to be entertained a little.


Fra x x

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Snowman Theory ©

I just received a Groupon email selling me kitchen and loo roll with The Snowman on. Synchronistic; there will be lots of water to mop up!  Time to post this I think; snow season is on the way…  This applies to men and women but for the purpose of the story I’ll stick to man.

I first came up with Snowman Theory © in 2012 after another mini drama!

A bleak, empty, cold, overwhelming disappointment and heartbreak, like this;


Let me start at the beginning.

You meet a man and your world comes to life like in all the good love stories.  He’s not just another (snow)man, he’s in your home, he’s in your world.  He’s exploring your house, you play together, laugh and you rediscover the magic of the mundane.



LAUGHING.  Always laughing.

… then you set out for an adventure!


You find a motorbike and play in the garden, it’s cold, but you don’t care! You’re delighted, and still laughing!


You take that LEAP, you fly, you soar… you fall in love.


Above the world, gilding above everyone else… They are all existing, you are living.

It’s a romantic adventure of next level proportions.  Your heart is light, the northern lights glitter and THIS IS HAPPINESS… that… that is what it’s all about.  Connection, trust, sameness. Together.  Flying. Off to Santa’s party in the woods! Meeting his friends, dancing, drinking, enjoying together.  Your worlds are colliding, together you create a new universe and a whole new perspective.

snowman part

Such joy!  Sleepy, you fly home together. What a magical adventure, you feel close to someone, safe, happy… full of HOPE!
You wake up the next morning and the memory gently slides into your awareness and you refill with that same warmness.  Delighted and excited, you jump out of bed and run to see him.

You run outside and the spineless motherfu**er has MELTED.

This is heartbreak in its purest form.  Sheer disappointment, grief and feelings of confusion and pointless waste.


Wasn’t it was great? Romantic, fun, deliriously delightful?

Yeah but thanks… He’s had his fun.. CYA BYE.  I’m slush now. CIAO!


It was nice while it lasted but it’s over.

This is Snowman Theory © . They melt.

What can we learn from this?

Watch out for excessively “charming” people they are flaunting their ego, not engaging in emotional connection, even if you are.

Do you know what EGO is? 

Ego is the part of us that wants to win, it wants attention, to be praised and recognized. Ego needs to be right and to show off.  Ego lacks grace, manners and decorum.  Ego doesn’t understand the refined happiness of being understated, secure and humble; ego wants to be entertained, praised, flattered and is very very self-indulgent.

When we let go of the ego, we take life at the correct and natural pace, we live within our limits , following our true instinct; NOT the need for constant activity and attention. When we are quiet, our immature ego will bugger off and leave us to our instincts.  

Women with ego problems tend to chase men with ego problems… both are seeking attention and engaging in power struggles. This is a two way street. Let it go!

Ways to stop a snowman from melting?

Play it cool.

Throw snowballs at them. (Be mean, it confounds the ego.)

Leave them outside. (Ignore them, the ego is comprised of both EXCESSIVE positive and negative self-esteem, this is why it needs so much reassurance.  Without reassurance they chase your attention and affection; when they get it then they are satisfied, free to melt onto their next diversion.)

Or… just enjoy the fun and accept the certain and imminent end to your adventure. Snowmen and Snow-women are easy to spot; a large ego, lively character and a need for attention gives them away!

Good fun, but seasonal.

Don’t pick someone seasonal, we live in the UK, you need to be prepared for all weather.

That was the 2012 version, the 2015 version ends like this;


Move over ice baby 🙂

If it starts “snowing again” and that MOFO shows up during a Venus Retrograde then send them back to Antarctica for the penguins to piss on.

Penguins mate for life.




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Hello I’m a Monk now and it’s really great… #SpiritualSeptember

Just a quick hello to say BLOODY HELL! Everything is moving at lightning speed and it’s WERY exciting!

This September has been such a mega Journey, thanks to Union Station Yoga, Black and Light Yoga, and Skip Archimedes.

Union Station just opened equidistant between work and home which is ACE and their 30 day challenge has been amazing.  I remember (a year ago today) telling my friend and her husband who were just about to try yoga, “it’s amazing… no matter what mood you’re in it will make you feel better.” 

“Wow that sounds amazing!”

But due to finances and time etc… I hadn’t managed to squeeze in daily practice and was still getting really really wound up.  NOW however, the 8 minute walk to the studio and my non-commute plus the 30 day challenge offer. Yup yup… solid. Amazing. I think the term is UNFUCKWITHABLE.

The other experiences I stumbled upon at Wilderness and were amazing.  The Yoga Rave was brill (especially after 1000 Strongbows.)   Skip Archimedes TRY NOT TO JUDGE from the American style marketing.  I was lucky to find him in a field, lying under the trees in the sun…  his positive thinking, inspirational stories and style really works and has left me CHANGED.  I’m a veggie now, not eaten meat for 10 days!  #spiritual hahaha

This blog is currently being transformed into a WEBSITE – I think this will be my last little blog post.

NEALS YARD – 20% off this Thursday.  Lavender oil for my anxious friends, get some and sprinkle it on your pillow! I’ll repost my top 10 faves.  As I mentioned the Award Winning Beauty Kit is fantastic and a bargain. 

I don’t think I’ve said anything here except HELLO and;

When you clear your mind and set your intention whilst putting your best foot forward, magical things can happen. CREATE! Do whatever you were born to do… the answers are inside of you. Let them out!

ALSO, I have reconsidered what it is to let go.  Letting go isn’t always releasing everything from your grasp, to let go is to understand what is holding you back and release THAT.  If it’s your fears, or pride or sadness… if it’s what people will think or what you feel you SHOULD do… let that go too. CYABYE.

We all know what is right for us deep down, ignore the rest and soar up high!

Fran x x x

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Retrograde Mercury – Communication, Chaos and Creativity AND COINCIDENCE!

Good Morning!

Big Day today!  Rugby World Cup begins, Saturn moves to Sagittarius, Mercury went Retrograte yesterday.

Mercury retrograde?  A time for THINKING and reflection, not for acting.  Under mercury retrograde nothing is what it seems, life is somehow more complicated and plans don’t work out well.  Now then, I’ve really enjoyed the Mercury Retrogrades this year… any issues or technical problems that had been bothering me were RESOLVED under Mercury Rx.

I was born under Mercury Retrograde (“I don’t know what that means, but I’m not surprised!” I can hear you!) Also, my natal backwards Mercury is conjunct with Neptune, the planet of confusion, chaos and lack of boundary.) I LIKE IT!  It’s all about being intuitive, thinking, revisiting old ideas and improving on them.

In general Mercury Retrograte indicates:

  • Small communication misunderstandings (this is the time when people will misconstrue the tone of your email or text message.) That’s why I use voicenotes most of the time, then people can HEAR what I’m saying and not take the words the wrong way. And it’s quicker.
  • Transport problems. Yes this is just a pain. Leave 30 minutes early.
  • My Gemini flatmate was knocked off his bike on the way home in both of the other Mercury retrogrades this year. I must text him… OK done it.  He’s also left handed with a Mercury Neptune contact… and he’s a poet.  He lives too deeply within in his own head and ideas.  I’ve had to give myself a good talking to about crossing roads too.  My daydreaming is EXTREME.  Mercury Neptune / Mercury Retrograde is a very daydream thing.
    • I currently live with another left handed guy who has the same Mercury Neptune exact conjunction in Capricorn as I do. He never leaves the house without coming back 5 minutes later for something he’s forgotten.  We are both always humming and making lists.  Mercury Neptune people are afraid that their thoughts will vanish as Neptune (rules Pisces) is all things ethereal… ideas come and go from the ether with ease; great for inspiration and intuition, not so great for remembering where you put your keys. (I only looked up his chart to look for this Mercury Neptune contact as I saw myself in the way he thinks and behaves. Quelle surprise, there it was!)  P.S. This one is a musician.
  • Gemini and Virgo are RULED by Mercury and I have seen that Gemini are certainly affected by this… not so much Virgo but Gemini are so WORDY that they can take things the wrong way and freak out. Deep breaths before you respond! Same for everyone, but especially those Geminis and Virgos!

BASICALLY, anything that involves quick mental facility, communication, travel over short distances, devices used for communicating… could go a little wrong, it could get a little confusing!  My whole life has this feature to it, I touch a computer and it breaks. Welcome to my world 🙂 I’m a pro at chaos living and thrive in Mercury Retrograde! However all of us would benefit from slowing down, focusing, living in the moment, rethink, repair, reconsider, rework, reevaluate and when someone says somethings annoying… STOP before flipping out.  REspond with calm.

Mercury retrograde happens for about 9 weeks each year so… if you feel like you are used to chaos living too I’ll check your chart.

Saturn in Sagi is another story that I will flow with shortly.  Today is a day of change, but I guess not entirely smooth changes!

If you’re off to the Rugby later, leave early 🙂




In classic Mercury Retrograde style I forgot to mention my favourite part of this event!  COINCIDENCE!  Just as Venus Retrograde brings back old lovers from the past, Mercury Rx brings back people, events and ideas.  Mercury is a trickster and so people will be where you least expected them to be!  “HELLO! Fancy seeing you here!”  It’s great!  I absolutely love bumping into (most) people.  So enjoy! 🙂

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Saturn again… because he’s about to voyage and I’m sentimental about it.

I’m in a foggy fog and think the only solution is to write down all that is swimming around in my head.

We are coming to the end of Saturn in Scorpio, for my pals and I this is the end of our Saturn Return… what have we learnt?

I am OVERWHELMED with SPIRITUAL sense. I’ve always had it in me, these bursts of understanding and knowing and feeling, but this is extreme.  Everything feels connected and makes sense, my instincts have always been strong but they are getting loud, almost bossy.

Three years ago I arrived in this office and my heart was SOARING with creativity and excitement.  September 2012 was magnificent (apart from Chris Moyles leaving the airwaves.) Studio F7.  It felt so right, it was right.  The people I met, the glorious daily commute from my stunning home in Angel.  The land of the faraway tree.  High in the sky among the tree canopies, next to Kings Cross, ready to adventure whenever I felt like it.


Then in early October I got an email saying “Saturn is in Scorpio this won’t happen for another 30 years!” I forwarded it on to a new friend, delighting in the hilarity of my love of astrology. ( I got these emails because I registered with various sites I used when I was busy guessing people’s rising signs.) I had NOT A CLUE about the planets.  I didn’t know it was relevant.

But Mamma Mia within a month of Saturn’s arrival everything started to crack. Saturn came along, cracked a whip and showed me that everything I was delighting in wasn’t real.  It was all built on sand and it all started to crumble.

The commissions I was living off dropped because the business encountered some changes, I struggled to pay the rent of my beautiful (overpriced) home…That was the beginning of those lessons.  They repeated on me until I took the hint.  I am slow to take hints.

The glorious office has bought me many fantastic people and in Jan 2014 a girl who was working here said, “oh right, it sounds like you’re having your Saturn Return” she photocopied me part of a book.

“Sex, death and other people’s money” The Saturn Return in Scorpio deals with power and maturity in these areas.  Mine is in the 6th house, all to do with work.

The journey of 2014 continued to take it’s long, cold  saturnine path and every few days I was meeting some spiritual nutter with a story or two that left me gobsmacked.  I didn’t seek all of them out in stereotypical hippie places, I was at insurance events, or they were flatmate’s friends, or people in the office, people on planes and trains.  They were everywhere… opening my mind.

We are in the final days of Saturn in Scorpio (for another 30 years) and I feel like I’ve come a long way!  These September days are full of concrete plans for the future, health, good money management and a far reduced inclination to BLINDLY and Sagittarianly see the best in people.  Far more real (Saturn), much more inclined to be slow and spend only AFTER ££ has been earned.  Most of all these days are full of spiritual guidance that no longer scares the sh*t out of me!


Saturn started transiting my 6th house in OCTOBER 2009! That’s a long and that’s when I started with the Pet Insurance.  It’s the only job I’ve stuck at for longer than 6 months.  Saturn brought discipline to my work area and it’s about to depart and sort out my 7th house of relationships PLUS my Sun is there… so it will define my identity, philosophy and destiny.
I’m friends with Saturn now.

I’m looking forward to this transit and the redefinition of beliefs that Saturn in Sagittarius will bring for us all.

PLUS now that Saturn is leaving Scorpio, Chris Moyles is coming back to the airwaves.  I would love to know his time of birth… whichever house was being transited it took him away from the public eye for the 3 year duration… I would guess first house as he’s a PRESENTER and the first house is what presents us to the world (our persona, the mask we wear) and he has a gap between his teeth and dimples, sign of the Scorpio ascendant (in my opinion.)

Either way, I’m sure he’s learnt how to deal with authority (Saturn) and the BBC (the most Saturn organisation of them all is it is”British” and we are Capricorn nation, born on the 1st of Janurary 1801)! Saturn rules Capricorn and they love hierarchy and authority.


I’ll know his time of birth one day!


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The Room of Requirement – The 12th House

The houses are a new concept to me and I wasn’t particularly fascinated until someone posted this on Instagram…


I recognised it.  Literally, I physically recognized that room!

And so I read and read…

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but in June when we looked at our charts at Astro school, I just shrugged when it came to my moon.  I shrugged and said, you tell me!  I don’t know, I didn’t understand how it related to me. I kinda got it… but I was generally baffled.


A magical summer of spiritual exploration, new people, a family holiday, lots of reading and it’s all started to make sense.

nature somersault

The 12th house is a “Pisces (12th sign) style” house.  It’s VAST, nebulous, mystical, boundless, lost, without structure.  It’s like the room of requirement In Harry Potter.  Did I mention that JK Rowling is a fully trained astrologer?  Well she is.  That room… that vanishes and appears, that contains anything you want it to contain, is only accessible to those who need it truly.  It’s a 12th house type room… and it’s actually so crucial to the success of Harry and Dumbledore’s Army.


It is a room that a person can only enter when they have real need of it. Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not, but when it appears, it is always equipped for the seeker’s needs

Planets in the 12th house are equally difficult to access.  Their needs are not always clear to us and so we can’t always get in.  I think that without PROPER understanding of the REQUIREMENT of that planet, you won’t be able to get to it.

The planets basic needs…

  • The sun is the ego, destiny, life journey.
  • The moon is nourishment, food, love, value… to a certain extent.
  • Mercury is our mind, thoughts and ability to communicate.
  • Venus is value, attraction and love.
  • Mars is action, assertiveness, physical attraction.
  • Jupiter is philosophy, travels, beliefs.
  • Saturn is fears, authority, structure.
  • Uranus is freedom, eccentricity and ideas.
  • Neptune is spirituality, compassion and understanding.
  • Pluto is occult, transformation and power.

Historically, planets in the 12th were considered a real problem and bad luck… the house of SELF-UNDOING.  Unraveling, getting lost… being a drunk, crack addict, in a mental asylum, monastery or hospital.  The placement represents big institutions (loss of the individual) this is all about the COLLECTIVE (like Pisces.)

monastary hospital

The big question I was asking…


With my moon stuck out in the 12th in stubborn Taurus with a Saturn opposing in Scorpio.  What the hell do I do to remedy my lost, mental, inaccessible emotions?
Well, you go to live in the asylum.  OR you find a way to ONENESS.  To find these planets you have to get lost in the collective.  I think this is where my love for yoga has come from.  Go to the studio, lose the ego, meditate and THEN and there, I find the solutions.  It enables me to feel more in tune.


Michel Gauquelin said that 12th house placements are big indicators of career and the moon in the 12th is that of a writer.  Whenever I’m deep down low with the collective, I start writing stuff in my head.

I’m the same on the dance floor.  I like wearing disco specs, not because I’m off my face, but because I don’t want to make eye contact with anyone and enjoy dancing on my own!  Off into my head, in my own world.  Dancing alone, having a good old think about things and writing… dancing and thinking about things that I’ll later write down.  Ha.  Moon = love, nurturing, creativity.  12th house = asylum.  Taurus = pleasure, fixed, nature.

So now I know!  I get it… I can use the language of astrology to understand why I do this.  More importantly… I have grasped a better understanding of how this would work for other people.  I can help people to unlock their 12th house and find their passion… as if you’ve read my old blogs… that’s what I want to do!  I want to free people from their own self sabotage and restless anxiety.

When you soothe the 12th house you TAP into the collective consciousness.  When you understand that you have something to share or something to sacrifice, the power arrives.  When you learn how to use the room of requirement, you have the most versatile, helpful, accessible, generous, healing and protective source within yourself, at your disposal.  The nature of the 12th means that when you tame the wild beast (planet), you will be a MASTER.  You may find your HIDDEN TALENT.

Everyone has a 12th house, not everyone has a planet there, but the chart paints a picture and will illuminate which area of your life you manifest the least well!

It takes a while, and it’s not easy, but it’s worth it and if you want to be positive about things (you should) you can see planets in the 12th as a gift.  A gift that is well-deserved and fully appreciated,  not the gift given to a spoilt child.

These are gifts given to the wise.

My cousin is also rising Gemini and therefore also has Taurus on the 12th house cusp.  She has Mars in Taurus in the 12th… so whilst it’s my feminine (moon) emotional energy her masculine (mars) assertive energy is difficult to reach, private and confusing.  She’s only 9, but I asked her, “do you ever get angry?” and she said, “sometimes, if I’m on my own or in my room or maybe with my family, but not really.”

From the mouths of babes!



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Distraction VS Letting Go

When I first read EAT, PRAY, LOVE, I thought “this woman has written my book!”

I was moved and inspired by every sentence (modest as ever!)

She considered her relationships, Rome, she discussed spirituality in a way that made sense… yoga, meditation, love, travel, people, ego.  The whole lot.  At this point I was still on phase one; obsessed with Rome and getting through relationships at LIGHTENING speed but freeeeeeeeeee!


I’m very excited about Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, BIG MAGIC… which again, seems to be timely.  As my current preoccupation is no longer with my status, how I feel, what I am to do.  My current QUESTION of the moment is HOW to be an astrologer?  Should I be doing something else?  Everyone hates it and criticizes me so how do I stay kind whilst telling them to go and fuck off?

The more I read and learn about instinct and intuition is the more you LISTEN to yourself, the more you trust what you feel and go with that, the CLEARER everything becomes.

I am coming to understand that astrology chose me and not the other way around.  I feel lucky to have a passion, but sometimes my mind is BUBBLING with ideas so violently that I feel I’ll just boil over.  The more I read, the more I learn the more I understand. This summer I’ve seen such amazing revelations in people’s charts that I cannot even consider that this is by chance.  Astrology works.  It is revelatory.

The final pose of every yoga class is Savasna.


When I first started yoga my wriggly mind HATED  this pose.  “Relax, enjoy the benefits of your practice.  Let go of all control.  Don’t fidget.”  My body ITCHED I wanted to scratch my nose and rub my face and get out of the boiling torture room.  Granted, I was practicing hot yoga and it didn’t suit me (I’m fire, I’m already too hot)… my head was pounding, I was over heating and not in any way improving my health!

However, now I know how to lie there and let go.  If an itch arises I accept it but DO NOT ACT on it… enjoy it and know that it will PASS.  I smile at it and it goes away.  It’s just the mind tricking me into thinking I need to do something.  I’ve banged on about this quite a bit but when yoga strikes and the MAGIC strikes, everything SHIFTS.


I remember in Eat Pray Love… there is part of the book where Liz talks about loneliness.  It’s amazing, so I’ll copy it here:

liz gilbert


It’s the same process as lying in Savasna and waiting for the itch to pass.  Just BE. We are human BEings not human DOings… BE with the bad feelings as much as the good ones.
My uncle apparently told my cousin to “enjoy the pain” when she broke her leg in February.   We all laughed when he told us… but I see what he was saying (as a Taurus) it’s that very solid, earth, grounded approach to the course of nature.  Accept nature, accept the pain, welcome this part of your life as much as you welcome the joy.



No… the point is that sometimes we are so FRANTIC in our need to DISTRACT ourselves from our suffering that we just create CHAOS.  Be still with the bad times.  London is full of people seeking experiences to medicate their damaged emotional state.  It’s OK to feel bad sometimes… just sit with it, learn from it then grow from it.

Distracting is not letting go.

I kid myself into thinking I’m letting go if I put things out of my mind for a while… or if I let go during yoga or if I say I let go… but SECRETLY, I HOLD ON and then GET BUSY.  Then I return to the same thought or idea that I temporarily pushed out of my head. That does not work.

Distraction is not letting go… it’s a temporary solution.  To let go is to accept the present situation and not expect it to change.  To accept is to understand that NOW is REAL and BEAUTIFUL.  We ONLY have now.

It’s important to have HOPE but there is a crucial distinction between constructive hope and delusion.  That’s for the individual to decide by trusting their instinct and intuition.

Intuition grows with silence and trusting yourself.  From doing what feels right and not what feels easiest or the least scary.


Be Quiet





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The Other Side of Saturn and His First Return (AKA Turning 30)


frank with crown

It’s been an interesting time.  Life is always interesting and testing and rewarding but there is something profoundly challenging about the Saturn Return.  Life, our choices and our decisions seem to be more highlighted.  It is our true ADOLESCENCE.  It’s our personal revolution.

If you have lived with intention and listened to your path calling throughout your 20s… then great! This is a time for cementing and being rewarded with new responsibility, with commitments and an adult existence.  Time for promotion, marriage and children…

However, if you have coasted through your 20s, if you are working but not following your true path, if you are in a relationship that you should’ve left years ago.  If you are not in tune and not pursuing where you should be then Saturn will put you in detention.

With my post on Jupiter I described him as a fun guy at a party.  Saturn is a headmaster.

stern headmaster

When the headmaster walks past you in the corridor, you are scared, frozen, inhibited.  Some people are rebellious but even the naughtiest of all the children have some sort of respect for the headmaster.  You don’t push him.  The headmaster is strong, full of rules, his presence limits our output as we become deeply aware of our behaviour and any flaws.  You forgot to take your nail varnish off?  Suddenly you think “sh@t, I didn’t take my nail varnish off and try to hide your hands in your sleeves.”  The nail varnish was there all day, but when Saturn is around, you are aware of it as a problem.

The headmaster will clearly point out what is wrong; he will put you in detention and give you time to think about how to improve.  It is a SLOW moving time when everything seems to take a long time… time drags, it is uncomfortable, boring, miserable, lonely and difficult.  You resent doing the detention, you resent authority, you resent his seemingly callous attitude.  The lack of communication, the cold and solid ability he has to tell you what to do.

BUT BUT BUT… here is the other side of Saturn.  When you do well, and the headmaster smiles at you and congratulates you on a project, when you are announced in assembly for having achieved something.  Well, there isn’t a joy like that.  The cold, regulated, isolated man can warm your heart and soul with his approval.  When you LISTEN, and respond to the lessons that the headmaster tries to give to you then you will reap the rewards.  It takes time, and it’s not an easy process but it is REWARDING.

happy headmaster

I am the other side of my Saturn return and it’s a glorious glittery show of freedom.

Saturn is about 29 degrees Scorpio at the minute.  This is today’s chart:

today's chart

I have my Saturn at 21 degrees Scorpio.   The transit or the Saturn Return is when a planet is at the exact position or one degree either side of your natal planetary position.  As Saturn is prone to appearing to move backwards to us, it hits most of us three times, but some only once.

Last year I was very unhappy that it was going to strike me 3 times and jealous of those who only had one “hit.”  However, it if isn’t strong and repetitive then you can miss the boat. You don’t want to miss the boat!

Last year I was being bullied (by the universe) into being a mad astrologer, into letting go of ideas and relationships that weren’t good for me and I was fighting it all like a little warrior.  My moon (emotions, home, food) is in direct opposition with Saturn so I’m emotionally fixed and in a big battle with regulating what I do.  Just as I WOULD NOT EAT as a child, I WOULD NOT LET GO last year.  Things get bad, people let go and walk away.  I don’t, I stay there like a bull weathering the storm, stubbornly waiting for things to go my way.  However, learning to accept that perhaps it’s time to leave, let go and move on would’ve made life easier.  But I’m a loyal Taurus moon, it’s what I do… so I just need to find a way to live with it and OWN it and USE it to my benefit (another story.)


love your saturn

When you do take heed and live in a way that is real then you lose the feeling of being in detention and get that feeling of having your name read out in assembly.


The Saturn Return is tricky for those who haven’t made commitments in their 20s… those who have been saturnine, regulated and structured… they get married, buy houses and GLOW.  If they are already married before their Saturn return and perhaps this was a mistake… they are likely to split up at their Saturn return.  The feelings and doubts will be emphasised just as the feelings and security will be emphasised for those on the right path.

Just as the moon represents the mother in astrology, the father can be represented by Saturn.  The moon rules maternal Cancer.  Saturn rules paternal Capricorn, the sign opposite to Cancer.  The Saturn return has some “Daddy issues” wrapped up in it… you need to look at the sign and house of YOUR Saturn to understand more about that and it’s too much to go into it here.

I hope your Saturn Return has been / will be fruitful and not too tricky.  Let go of what isn’t right for you, learn and study what lights YOUR passion, commit, change, try, be brave and let maturity guide you to the next phase of your life. 

Saturn arrives again age 59;

saturn and jupiter

The Second Saturn Return is a time of life review and soul searching. How did you get here? Is this really where you want to be? Often it represents a cross roads of sorts, and an opportunity to deal at last with unfinished business. Sometimes this means getting rid of people, jobs and situations that no longer fit who you are or want to be. There is a taking stock that can culminate in a kind of purging and reordering of your life. This death of the old way of doing things can be painful, but subsequently there is often a feeling of relief and gratitude that you are no longer stuck in circumstances that no longer served you. Saturn is also known as the Lord of Karma or Lord of the Harvest. You will reap what you sowed. It is a time when hard work will be rewarded, but if there has been neglect or carelessness, the natural consequences will not be able to be avoided.

The same principles but slightly bigger changes, particularly if they  should have happened 30 years ago!

Change isn’t easy… but it brings greatness!

Frank x

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Why yoga is brilliant! (Particularly if you are a stress head.)

So many words!

DOES IT ALL NEED TO BE SAID?  Do I need to bore everyone sh*tless with my ramblings?

I think so!

I love reading the things I blogged about this time last year because in my naivety, I gave away what mattered most… and it enables me to know what’s changed… and to laugh at myself…which is key.
I’m at Dum and Mad’s house today and have just rustled through some letters from my youth. 21st birthday cards and 30th birthday cards… they are all kept in my fireplace.


As much as I think I’ve grown in awareness and openness, and perhaps we all have.  We (my pals and I) were so OPEN, honest, young, warm, needy, caring, thoughtful and NAÏVE in what we wrote to each other when we were young!  These letters are startling in their honesty, they show such trust and devotion.  I really thought we were still open, but nothing like we were… and so that’s why it’s important to write now because I expect I’ll only become more naturally censored with age.  Whilst it’s a bit cringe to write so freely… it does provide valuable INSIGHT!


For this reason I’ll continue to write what I think and feel about things because it will be relevant in 20 years and it will remind me of my journey and allow me insight into how I used to view the world.  

YOGA is essential to the journey.

I think yoga is MAGIC and if you are looking for something to help you relax, then I recommend it.  The less calm, flexible and focused you are… the more important it is for you to explore.   Tight bodies and anxious minds need stretching and relaxing! BREATHE…

“What is so special?  Isn’t it just stretching?  I’d prefer a real work out!”

That’s what everyone always says to me when I bang on about yoga.  So here is WHY what yoga provides what kickboxing doesn’t…

blue sky

Cast your mind back to the best party you’ve ever been to. Really picture it… take yourself back there.

Perhaps it was a wedding or a great birthday party where everything was falling into place. Something you had been excited about for weeks beforehand.  All the people you love are in one place, the weather is good, the music is ace, the drinks are flowing and your mood is HIGH.

At a certain point during the evening you’re going to feel a surge of JOY.  That, “fuck yeahhhh! This is such a great night I bloody love you!” BIG HUG, happy moment, take a photo and ENJOY… LIFE IS ACE.

The booze helps you to let go and live in the moment and the love of life and everything just flows on in.

THAT FEELING of happiness, appreciation, GRATITUDE for the moment, love, joy, release, freedom… That is the feeling you get from yoga, eventually (on a really good day! )   When you learn to LET GO and somehow love everything you have ever loved and let go of anything that has ever made you sad… but with wisdom.  Taking the lesson you learned from the sad encounter and remembering the experience gratefully for being a teacher… or remembering WHY you got into that situation.  We generally only follow good feelings to get to places, so there was good in it… somewhere.

SOMEWHERE or SOMEHOW, you can locate the the good to take out of the situation.


Try not to pursue assholes with the above notion in mind… it’s hard work.  A useful trick to have, but not one to seek out using…  Like a Petronus charm on dementors 😉  Those bastards are going to kill your vibes. (Harry Potter reference.)

When you can forgive and focus on NOW… not memories, not desires, not what you wanted, not what you lost, not where you are going, not who you are missing, not what you want next and not how you wish things could be different.  When you understand that what stressed you out 5 years ago is no longer stressing you… and what is stressing you now will not be stressing you in 5 years… and somehow put that stress in a box and treat it as an observation not a problem that is itching in your head.  Then you can live in the moment and UNDERSTAND that you can handle what is happening and detach from the emotion. 


I am told that our thoughts are like a monkey swinging from branch to branch. The monkey is a monkey… watch him, don’t engage with him.  The brain will go from one anxiety to the next… WATCH the thoughts, do not focus on them.  Find a space of peace that takes a step back from your life, looks at the big picture and smile at the story unfolding.  Everything changes, nothing stays the same… ride the wave…

zen dog

If you can detach for 5 minutes a day, you can take control of your life, of your FEELINGS and make decisions based on intelligent choices; not from fear.  RESPOND DO NOT REACT… Then life will be easier and better.

So that’s why yoga is bloody great.  It took me 2 years before I had that first ZING of ONENESS… but it was magic! I had it again last week at Rave Yoga, next level stuff!

I’m still very much a beginner and there is nothing HUGELY traumatic I’ve had to let go of.  When I’m having a day where I can’t focus and calm I think… you have to be working on this now because one day you will really need to access this head space.


Grief has to be one of the hardest things to manage, but if you can hold on to love and let go of the rest you can find moments of peace… it will help you to heal.  Those momentary feelings of oneness are easily the most inspiring sensations I’ve ever had.

Traveling has a similarly eyeopening effect because when you travel  everything goes wrong.  Problem after problem after problem… but what an opportunity to PROBLEM SOLVE and there is ALWAYS a solution.  BREATHE, stay positive, ask for help, find a solution.  Life = journey = problems.  BUT there are solutions and there is always the peace of the moment… and you can always just laugh!


franky and nor

Keep practicing.  It’s all very well and good to feel happy and harmonious on your yoga mat but it’s another thing to stay calm when you have to start dealing with PEOPLE!

Practice, practice, practice and don’t over stretch yourself.  Breathing well is more important than being bendy a Pretzel…

THIS IS LONG ENOUGH! I’ll leave you with some words from my favourite yoga teacher’s page!

reality  amma  dealstimulus


Fran x x x

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